Insomnia in Toronto


you don’t have to feel like sleep is just out of reach any longer.

Do any of these sound like you right now? 

✔️ Can’t seem to fall asleep, no matter how tired you feel?
✔️ Waking up restless in the middle of the night? 
Or falling asleep accidentally in the most inconvenient moments? 
✔️ Lack of focus and generally s
tressed out?
✔️ Struggling to remember even the simplest things? 
✔️ Can’t seem to stop your mind from running? 

It doesn’t have to be like this. You deserve to rest, and better yet, to rest well! We’re here to help you make your best rest a reality. 


rest is possible.
it’s almost yours.

Session costs are $175/per 60-min session.
Your consultant will design a package based on your needs, and our services are covered by extended insurance when you have coverage for an OT or Social Worker.

Reclaim Your Rest

Our team come from an array of backgrounds with a unique set of skills tailored to support sleepers of all ages and stages achieve their best rest. We work with you 1:1 to transform your nights from a thing of dread to dreamy, restful time in bed!

an individualised program and unparalleled support.

It’s simple: no two sleepers are the same! Our core teachings remain the same, but we treat every individual as just that – an individual. Your RMB. consultant will tailor your program to suit your unique challenges to ensure you receive the best care, and achieve the best results.


rest is possible.
it’s almost yours.